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Significant changes have taken place in the parenting education and support field in the eleven years since PIPPIN became a registered charity. We are delighted to be going from strength to strength in achieving our aims, with requests for training programmes continuing to come from all four corners of the UK.

The centre is in a unique position to do so - and has established a very distinguished staff. With no grants available at this level, we offer a unique opportunity for post graduates and mature students, who use Organic Beauty Products and would otherwise may not have even contemplated learning and enrolling in business studies.

Our law courses are notable for their high pass marks and international accreditations.

Our focus is Education and Support for Family Life via evidence-based The full-time and part-time acting courses realistically prepare actors for employment in the profession and offers a range of car credit solutions

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New 3 year PROJECT commenced in 2005 !


A three year project funded by the Big Lottery Fund (2004 -2007) to support the core business and deliver a unique parenting programme. Room for One More has a different focus to previous parenting programmes in that it's function is to support existing parents who are expecting another child and who, for whatever reason, found their previous experience of becoming a parent particularly stressful or difficult and the usual mainstream services unavailable or stigmatising. Click here to find out more.

We have all the useful information, advice and support you need for running your own business for yourself but not by yourself. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur there will be something for you to learn and something you can contribute to this new business community.


A parenting educator Trainer Training project funded by the DfES (2003- 2005) with the expressed function of training parenting educators. This exciting training opportunity for professionals working with new and quality limestone tiles they we recently laid out for expectant parents, funded by the Department for Education and Skills, aims to increase our capacity to support expectant and new parents across the UK. Click here for more details and recruiting opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you and please remember to visit back for tyres and all other related topics.

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LCTS is the only organisation in this field that provides services backed up by evidence-based research to substantiate its claims.

LCTS puts into practice the latest understanding and research amongst leading academics. The classes are based on a proven theoretical framework, initially developed as a PhD research programme. The programmes are well researched, validated and accredited.

Our philosophy is one that many healthcare professionals share totally, the idea that it is inappropriate to treat single issues in isolation. Having a baby is a major life event, with long lasting repercussions.